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Inscriptions Magazine

by Andrea Kemmerrer

  • Posted on January 29, 2016

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Engineering Smiles was published in Inscriptions magazine. Here is the syndicated article: ASU STUDENTS DESIGN A MOBILE DENTAL CLINIC THE 50-FOOT-LONG, $200,000 MOBILE UNIT WILL BE USED FOR DENTAL STUDENT TRAINING AND OUTREACH SERVICES IN NICARAGUA Engineering and architectural students from Arizona State University designed a mobile dental clinic that will be used for dental…

Our Current Design: 24-foot Car Hauler Trailer

by The Engineering Smiles Team

This two operatory mobile dental clinic will serve a variety of different impoverished people and better navigate the less developed landscapes. The design was right-sized in order to meet the needs of a variety of different populations. This two operatory trailer will be able to serve in a variety of different landscapes due to its portability…

Our Next Idea: A 50 foot Gooseneck Trailer

by The Engineering Smiles Team

The four operatory mobile dental clinic was designed into a 50-foot trailer to meet the needs of one population, Nicaragua.  This design was not scaleable and sustainable. The 50-foot gooseneck trailer met all of the needs listed by our provider partner, IMAHelps. The Clinic was completely self-sustaining and encompassed four dental operatory spaces and a…

The First Design: The Charter Bus

by The Engineering Smiles Team

The initial thought of the Engineering SMiles team when this issue was first brought before them was to retrofit a charter bus to meet the needs of the IMAHelps volunteers. This refurbished charter bus would have four dental stations, or operatories, and would allow for the dental clinic to be mobile. This design was not cost…