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ASU Foundation

by Andrea Kemmerrer

We were featured by the ASU Foundation! Here is the syndicated article, Engineering Smiles looks to mobilize dental care abroad BY PETE ZRIOKA– MARCH 21, 2016 POSTED IN: OUTREACH, STUDENTS For millions, proper dental care is an unattainable luxury. No access to dentistry can lead to a host of potentially fatal health issues and even affect…

UNICA and IMAHelps Collaboration

by Andrea Kemmerrer

Jeff Crider, the IMAHelps communication director, traveled along with Alvaro Molina, a Nicaraguan attorney and legal counsel for IMAHelps, to Nicaragua. They formalized our plans to base the mobile dental clinic at the university in Nicaragua, UNICA. Crider and Gutierrez met with the University Director, Dr. Francisco Hiram Otero Pravia, and other officials representing the…