Big Leaps Forward

by Andrea Kemmerrer

The past few months have been HUGE for the Engineering Smiles team, not only have we purchased our trailer but we secured cabinetry for the trailer as well!

Car Hauler Trailer

After spending the summer reviewing the quote for the trailer frame from Becker Custom Trailers, the Engineering Smiles team has finally purchased the trailer frame! This is the largest step the team has taken since the project began in Fall 2013! The trailer frame purchase includes a 12kW generator, 2 AC units, a hot water heater and all necessary plumbing and water tanks.

In the next 2-3 weeks, Becker will use the design drawings provided by the Engineering Smiles team to create the official build drawings for the trailer frame. Once this is completed and reviewed, the trailer frame will take, at most, 2 months to complete. The frame will then be shipped to Arizona so that the Engineering Smiles team can outfit the interior with dental equipment, our cabinets and all other necessary furnishings!

While the trailer frame is being construed by Becker Custom Trailers, the team is continuing to fundraise almost $8,500 in order to furnish the interior of the clinic with flooring, sinks and one fully functioning dental operatory space. However to fully retrofit the clinic to have the two desired dental operatories, the Engineering Smiles team is working to fundraise almost $23,000.



From left to right: David Kemme, Nick Kemme, Mark Stabb, Nick Camarata, Andrea Kemmerrer, and Matt Camarata.

Over the summer the Engineering Smiles team accepted a generous donation of kitchen cabinets from Mark Stabb, a major step in the completion of the interior of the trailer.  This donation equates to roughly $8,000 dollars, money which will now be able to be spent elsewhere to ensure the trailer will be equipped with all the necessary furnishings and equipment.


The kitchen before demolition



Engineering Smiles team member, Andrea Kemmerrer, marking cabinets for removal and organizational purposes.

Two members of the Engineering Smiles team, Andrea Kemmerrer and Nick Kemme, along with a few volunteers, David Kemme, Nick Camarata and Matt Camarata, spent hours of their time removing kitchen cabinetry.  The cabinets were in very good condition and the demo team worked extremely carefully to keep the cabinets completely in-tact and inflict as little damage as possible to them.  Before removing each cabinet the team assessed how it was anchored and determined the best way to remove it without inflicting any damage.



Engineering Smiles team member Nick Kemme, middle, and volunteer Matt Camarata, left, remove the microwave from the kitchen while David Kemme, far right, disconnects the garbage disposal to prepare the cabinet for removal.

All in all every single cabinet was removed with almost no damage done to it and all cabinets are expected to be used in the dental clinic.  Mr. Stabb has also kindly donated the cabinets at another property when the remodeling begins in a couple weeks.

The founders of IMAHelps Ines and Tracey Allen arrived in San Diego to transport the cabinets to the storage facility in Rancho Mirage, California.  The cabinets will remain there until the trailer arrives in Arizona and the interior construction begins.


Engineering Smiles team member Nick Kemme, left, with the founders of IMAHelps Tracey, middle, and Ines Allen, right, after the truck had been loaded with the cabinets.

Without the generous donation of people like Mark Stabb, David Kemme, Nick Camarata, and Matt Camarata the dental clinic would not be possible.  The Engineering Smiles team thanks you, and all people who have helped ensure the delivery of the dental trailer.

If you would like to donate equipment, money, or your time to the Engineering Smiles project contact us on our website, or email any of our team members!  We will gladly discuss the details and plans for our clinic with you.

About the Author

Andrea Kemmerrer

Andrea is a Senior at Arizona State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a strong interest in the medical field. She is the administrator for the Engineering Smiles website and writes the regular project updates on the Engineering Smiles' team behalf. Read more about Andrea on the About the Team page.