Our Current Design: 24-foot Car Hauler Trailer

by The Engineering Smiles Team

Car Hauler

The current design for the two operatory clinic, complete with a sterilization space.

This two operatory mobile dental clinic will serve a variety of different impoverished people and better navigate the less developed landscapes. The design was right-sized in order to meet the needs of a variety of different populations. This two operatory trailer will be able to serve in a variety of different landscapes due to its portability and modern layout. The Mobile Dental Clinic will still have the same features as the initial four operatory clinic, but will an overall length of 24 feet. These features include:1.18.16 Perspective 1

  • Self Powered
  • Full water, air conditioning and power systems
  • Sterilization space
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Standard Hitch, which allows for ease of transport
  • Lightweight and easy maneuverability

Previous designs, such as the charter bus and 50-foot long trailer, were determined to be too difficult to navigate on smaller unpaved roads.  This smaller clinic will be able to be towed by any standard pick-up truck with a tow hitch, 1.18.16 Perspective 2making this clinic much easier to maneuver as it did not require a specific vehicle to maneuver.  The station has been designed with a seating area directly next to the door upon entry, visible as the red bench in the above image, giving the patients an area to become comfortable before they are seen by their attending dental physician.

Upon entering the mobile dental clinic the sanitation area will be immediately in front of the physician.  This sanitation space has been placed in between both dental operatories in order to ensure ease of access for both dentists.  This sanitation station will include an ultrasonic cleaner and a cold sterilization machine.

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This is such a neat idea! I am very excited to see what the trailer looks like at completion!

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