The Finish Line is Near!

by Sara Mantlik

  • Posted on March 31, 2017

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The trailer arrived in Phoenix on March 19, 2017! It was shipped to IMAHelps in California, where it was registered and insured. Two IMAHelps unnamed (4)volunteers, Tracey Allen and Mike Reyes delivered the trailer to Phoenix to be retrofitted. The trailer was then picked up by one of our amazing supporters, Kim Bergman, the co-founder of Catalina Laboratory Products LLC (CatLab Pro), who will be outfitting the interior of the trailer with all necessary cabinetry and flooring. His team is also working to modify the electrical and plumbing so that all of the outlets and fixtures are exactly where they need to be to insure the interior space is optimized for the amount of patients IMAHelps foresees to be treated.

Nick Kemme and Sara Mantlik worked with mentor, William Elliott to lay out the entire space so CatLab Pro cunnamed (3)ould start making modifications and additions to the space! Everything will be completed, and the dental equipment Engineering Smiles has acquired to date will be installed on Thursday, April 6th. The team is just $6,000 away from completing the first operatory! In total, the team needs only $17,000 worth of dental equipment in order to provide IMAHelps with a fully functioning, two operatory dental clinic by MAY!


Catalina Laboratory Products LLC provides laboratory furniture, laboratory fume hoods, work surfaces, fixtures and most accessories for small to medium sized laboratory expansions. All products are in stock for quick delivery. Visit for more information.




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