The First Design: The Charter Bus

by The Engineering Smiles Team

Charter Bus

First model of overall idea for the mobile dental clinic with four dental operatories.

The initial thought of the Engineering SMiles team when this issue was first brought before them was to retrofit a charter bus to meet the needs of the IMAHelps volunteers. This refurbished charter bus would have four dental stations, or operatories, and would allow for the dental clinic to be mobile. This design was not cost efficient or environmentally friendly due to the 12-hour operating conditions during missions.

The design criteria was not optimized when designed inside a charter bus. Although the dental clinic would be mobile, only three dental operatories and a sterilization space would fit into the bus with high retrofitting costs. In order to fit our desired four operatories with this design the much needed sterilization space would have to be removed or greatly minimized, as seen in the rendering.  Additionally, the volunteers would feel cramped due to limited working space and the motor would have to run upwards of 12 hours straight in order to power the air conditioning. After further analyzing the chassis matrix and design criteria, the Engineering Smiles team moved towards the trailer option.

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